Wednesday, Oct. 14th 2015

8th Grade

10/14/15 – DO NOW –  “Courage” is the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., even in-spite of fear.

Always answer in complete sentences with proper grammar. How can caring be something courageous?


Continue working on It is important that we get through these lessons before launching into our projects.

7th Grade – Computer Science!!

10/14/15 – DO NOW: The definition of “bookmark” is to save the URL of a Web page for easy access in the future.

Copy and paste one of your favorite bookmarks:

Finish the assignment from yesterday on class rules. DO the following starting with the letter A below.

Class Procedures:

  1. We only touch the computer we are logged into.
  2. We never turn off a computer unless asked by the teacher.
  3. We are always working on the assignment for that day and nothing else.
  4. We never go to any website or application without permission, inappropriate or otherwise.
  5. We always save with the correct filename. firstL_classProcedures (Example vinnyC_classProcedures).
  6. When needing help or feeling stuck we use the “Ask Three Then Me” method, ask three of your peers before asking me.
  7. We always ask before touching any of the cool stuff in this classroom.
  8. We are always dismissed by the teacher in the room, not the bell
  9. At the end of class we log off, place the keyboard on the computer, place headphones on back of monitor, & tuck in chairs.

A. Class Rules Assignment:

Follow each step in order numbered order.

1. Open a new Word document.
2. Locate your (H:) drive. It usually starts with your 19# (login number)
3. Create a new folder and name it “7thGradeCS”.
4. Save your new document with the correct filename: FirstL_Rules (Example VinnyC_Rules)
5. Copy class procedures from above and paste them into the document.
6. After each class procedure provide an example of someone breaking that rule.

B. “About You” Assignment:

Click Here to complete a form that will help me get to know you all: Tell Me About It

C. Carnegie Cadets Assignment:

If everything above is complete then click here to play some games:

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