Monday, Sept 21st 2015

9/21/15 – DO NOW: “Encryption” the process of converting data into code.

Speculate about the value (what’s the point?) of encrypting data.

First off…I will miss you all today! Yes, even you… You know who you are…

Please do your work and don’t cause any problems for the sub.

7th & 8th Grade

I CAN . . . observe (watch; notice) the BrainPop clip on video games then provide the correct results (give an answer) for the BrainPop quiz & interpret (explain the meaning; make clear) the new CS terms in my own words.

  1. Complete this assignment, it has been shared with you in your Z-Middle All Folder: CS Terms 2
  2. If you happen to finish it all today, I’ll be amazed  🙂   Click here and continue to work in

If you have any problems or questions email me. I’m in the building and I’ll try to respond as soon as possible. 


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