Tuesday, Sept. 15th

9/15/15 – Do Now – “avatar” a digital icon or character that represents an online user.

If you could choose any avatar to represent you in a game or on a website what would it be?

7th & 8th Grade

1. Finish debuging these playground game flowcharts with a partner, each one has something wrong with it: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8ZvM5vwHUd-a3FXU0dCVktXdVE

2. You are going to make a Flowchart designed around your morning routine. Click here: L4_flowchart task 

3. Intro to Programming & Pseudo-code

4. Download this file and save it to your Computer Science folder in your Documents folder. You will complete this Intro to Pseudo-code packet today.


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