Thursday, Sept. 10th 2015

9/10/15 – Do Now – What is an Algorithm?

7th & 8th Grade

I CAN…know (recognize) what Section, Insertion, & Bubble Sort, understand (appreciate, comprehend) how they work, and demonstrate (show; make plain) my new skills by arranging (listing) the colors in the rainbow in order.

I CAN. . . interpret (explain the meaning; make clear) what a flowchart is and how it works, debug (detect, remove errors) from playground game algorithms, then formulate (create) a flowchart algorithm based on my morning routine.

1. Review the three sorting algorithms from yesterday.

2. Learn about different flowchart symbols and what they mean.

A flowchart is a diagram which shows the breakdown of an algorithm into all of the necessary steps and is an alternative to pseudo code.

A flowchart makes use if some standard shapes joined together by lines: 


Find the dragdrop-symbols.swf in your Z-Middle All folder and see if you can put the symbols in the right spots.

3. Work through a flow chart example Insertion Sort Flow Chart with playing cards.

Find the dragdrop.swf in your Z-Middle All folder and see if you can put the flowchart in order.

A more extensive flowchart: Don’t watch this yet!!



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