Wednesday, Sept. 9th 2015

9/9/15 – Do Now – 7th Grade finish the “Computational Thinking” in your Z-Middle All. 8th Grade, update your projects page on your website.


7th and 8th grade will take the Binary Quiz

I CAN…examine (look at; inspect) the algorithm functions then sort (organize) and sequence (put in order; put in a series) playing cards based on sorting algorithms.

1. As a class discuss Algorithms: A set of calculations, instructions or rules that a computer would use to solve a problem.

1. Demonstrate a bubble sort with cards & Scratch Bubble Sort Guy.

2. Demonstrate a selection sort with cards & Scratch

3. Demonstrate an Insertion Sort using cards & Scratch

4. Demonstrate a Merge Sort in Scratch

5. Students will use cards using these sorting algorithms above. If you need some help, use these videos.

6. Write an algorithm for making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

If not completed already finish this from Tuesday:

7th Grade = Complete the Computational Thinking Activity in your Z-Middle All folder.

8th Grade = Make a projects entry on your website.

  • Give an example from your life where there is a specific order in which you must do something.
  • Why it is important that it be done in a certain order.


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