Tuesday, Sept. 8th 2015

9/8/15 – Do Now – Make a guess: What do you think Computational Thinking is? We are going to talk about it today. Keep your Do Now Interactive Log open or minimize it after answering and wait for further instructions.


7th Grade & 8th Grade: BINARY QUIZ IS TOMORROW

I CAN…understand (appreciate, comprehend) what Computational Thinking is and apply (execute, bring into play) Computational Thinking to solve (clear up; figure out) a problem.

As a class we will discuss Computational Thinking. <–Don’t click here, you do not have access.

1. Students are the “programmer”, I am the “computer”.

2. Shoelaces Activity

When instructed do the following:

7th Grade = Complete the Computational Thinking Activity in your Z-Middle All folder.

8th Grade = Make a project entry on your website.

  • Give an example from your life where there is a specific order in which you must do something.
  • Why it is important that it be done in a certain order.

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