Thursday, Sept. 3rd

9/3/15 – DO NOW Interactive log – “Spam” – Unrequested emails sent to a large number of people.

Why would a company or a person want to send out spam?

7th Grade & 8th Grade

I CAN..decode(make out; break apart) base 2 number system called binary and reproduce(copy; repeat) the result(give an answer; consequence) of converted decimal numbers.

I CAN…sort(group; classify) the difference between a bit, byte, nybble, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, & terabyte and organize(put in order; arrange) them based on size.

Finish making your Binary Flip-chart and convert the binary numbers listed on the assignment to decimal numbers.

You are taking BINARY converting it to –> DECIMAL converting it to –> CHARACTER to decode the message using the ASCII table.

Once you have it all converted. Come tell me the message then begin working in 

  • Puzzle 1: Explore the possibilities to draw various images and icons by extending the width and height of the image and representing the image as bits.Try to represent some familiar logo (e.g., school logo or some image youfind interesting, sports team). Make sure that you copy the text of the binary numbers to the clipboard before moving to the next puzzle.
  • Puzzle 2: Replicate the image from Puzzle 1 in this new puzzle. What is different or new about this puzzle? Can you give a specific definition of the term “meta-data” as it applies to this puzzle? Can you give a general definition of the term meta-data?
  • Puzzle 3: This puzzle has an error that is causing the image to be represented incorrectly (look at puzzle 4 for a correct representation). Try to look over the bits on puzzle three and discover what is wrong.
  • Puzzle 4: Investigate what happens when you change the number of bits per pixel. What does the bit pattern mean when you make this change? Look at how the Readable Format also changes.
  • Puzzle 5: Try to change the image size to 3×3 and draw a series of Red, White, and Blue blocks on each row.
  • Puzzle 6: What does the third row of meta-data represent in this puzzle? How does changing the third row affect the image?
  • Puzzle 7: Why are there over 500 possible colors available for a 9-bit pixel color representation?
  • Puzzle 8: Look at how large the image can be in binary – those are the bits that get transmitted over the Internet or stored on a hard drive to represent this image! As shown in the video, switch over to 24 bits per pixel (true RGB as we have seen in the past). What happens and WHY this effect occurs!

You can also look at Text Compression on


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