Friday, August 28th

8/28/15 – DO NOW Interactive log – “Digital Literacy” – the ability to use technology and media to find, organize, evaluate, and share information.

Finish this sentence: I demonstrate (show) or have demonstrated (shown) “digital literacy” by . .

7th Grade

Make sure All assignments are complete and turned in the correct place:

Z- Middle ALL should have:

  • Digital Imprint
  • Educated Dude
  • Do Now’s ALL of Them

RFBMS Public Data–> Chiaramonte -> Class Period

  • Name Tag
  • Class Rules

When you have completed and turned these into the correct locations you can do any of the following.

8th Grade

Make sure you finished the Web Evaluations form last Friday. You should have this assignment turned in your Z-Middle ALL LAST, FIRST folder.

I CAN visualize (imagine; think about) the purpose of a website and examine (look at; inspect) several examples of quality web design.

I CAN read and analyze (break apart; study the pieces) the rubric for my website project.

UPDATE!! We can layout pictures and “webdesign” in Google Slides then insert a screenshot into your website.

Create a website using Google Sites. Use this tutorial to begin: Sites tutorials.

Click here Google Sites to get to Sites;

Must Have Pages (requirements):

  1. Homepage (What is your website about)
  2. About Me (About you)
  3. Projects (Add some hyperlinks to your favorite websites)
  4. Digital Citizenship (Find some good sources on the web that covers DC)
  5. Feedback (Create a Google Form for readers to give you feedback)
  6. Reflection (Express how difficult the process of designing a website was)

Here is the Rubric for how you will be graded.

To submit your webpage. Go to your Google Classroom for this class.

  • 1st Period: 2xcxt75
  • 2nd Period: zh9pmy
  • 3rd Period: r7srOx
  • 5th Period: xw52mq
  • 7th Period: 21ska3

When you are done: Begin working on the Python Free Lessons on the bottom.

You can sign up using your 19#. Scroll down and do the Python Free Lessons first.

You can also check out these links too.


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