Friday, August 21st 2015

DO NOW Interactive log – 8/21/15 Watch the video below and explain what they mean by “The internet never forgets” in your Do Now log.

7th Grade – Read all the direction before beginning.

I CAN…infer (make a good guess; read between the lines) the purpose of the Educated Dude video, by summarizing (give a short version) of what he says and support (back up with details) my summary.

1. Create a Google Doc and name the document FirstL_Educated Dude.

2. Make sure the Educated Dude document is in your Z-Middle All Folder. I will show you how to move it there.

3. Watch the video below of the Educated Dude. You will probably need to watch it a couple of times to really understand all he is saying. Really think about what is being said and don’t rush through this.

4. Write two paragraphs (at least 5 sentences for EACH one) about what he is trying to say in this video. Use correct grammar and sentence structure in your paragraph.

Here are some things to consider and questions to answer in your response paragraph.

What is the topic he is rapping about?
How does he start his rhyme?
What points (or ideas) is he making?
What questions is he asking? Is there a challenge?
Do you see this rap as something that is negative or positive?
What is the point and why do you think he made this video?
How does this video leave you feeling?
What questions or ideas does it make you think about?

5. Read Digital You while we wait for others to finish so we can share and discuss.

6. Take the NSTeensChallenge

7. When you are done play games on here.

8th Grade

1. Play around on here until everyone is done with the Do Now.

2. Class brainstorming discussion on characteristic of effective Web resources. Then do this Webpage Evaluation.

  • When you are done, click “Finish”


  • Put your name in and click Print


  • Then Save to Google Drive

Save to Google Drive

  • Then change where Google is saving to.


  • Change destination folder to Z Middle All


3. Work with a partner and evaluate three more sites of your choosing. Use this Evaluation Form.

  • Repeat the steps in #2 above

4. Take the NSTeensChallenge

5. If you haven’t already…play the Digizen Interactive game, “Are you a responsible Digital Citizen?”

6. Play Spent, find a job and see how long you can last.


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