Wednesday, August 19th 2015


8/19/15 – DO NOW: A “search engine” is software that uses keywords or phrases to locate information from Web sites.List at least 3 search engines you know of. Hint: We will use a very well known one today.

I CAN . . . navigate (steer; drive) Google Chrome, examine (look at; inspect) applications & extensions, & add them to my browser.

1. Watch the video on Social Networking from NSTeens on the projector. 

2. Discussion about what to know about on Social Media and what should be reported.

3. Students will complete the Bingo Mixer. This will be a hard copy that will be passed out.

4. After the mixer we will go over the Chrome Browser

Things we need to cover today include:

Logging into the Chrome Browser, Tabs, Home Tabs, Navigating Tabs, OneTab, Applications, Extensions

Adding Applications:

Hapara, Gmail, Docs, Forms, Slides, QR Generator

Adding & Using Extensions:

Save to Google Drive, Screenshot Capture & Annotate, OneTab, Split Screen

— Search some of the extensions or apps available


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