Wednesday, March 25th

8th Grade: Globaloria &/or (Password on the left side of board)

3/25/15 – “Media” is the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines, that reach or influence people widely.

Provide the name for three examples of media you use:

I CAN. . . examine (look at; inspect) designing tools in Flash Pro, and utilize (put to use) them to create (put together) the graphics in my game.

I CAN. . . demonstrate (show; make plain) my understanding of basic tools in Flash Professional and sequence (put in order; put in a series) of code using ActionScript 3.0.

7th Grade: 

3/25/15 – Do Now – Answer these two questions:

1. What does the acronym TMI stand for? Ask a friend if you’re not sure.

2. Provide and example of something you have seen someone post online that you consider to be TMI?


Do all of the following in order: 

I CAN observe (watch; notice) the online info video and reflect (think about; wonder about) in my response to the GForm. 

I CAN complete (finish; end) the Which Teen Are You quiz and compare (tell how alike; judge against) my online behavior with those teens in my response on the exit ticket.

♦♦Repeaters work on Kodu ♦♦

1. Click on this link to watch the video:  6 Degrees of Online Information Video

2. Complete this form as a response to the video above: 6 Degrees of Online Form

3. Take this quiz…Which Teen Are You?

4. Click Here IS_MS_6DOI_Part3 to see who you are the most like.

5. Watch at least two more videos of your choosing from this website: NSTeens VideosThen complete this exit slip in Google Forms based on the videos you watched: Exit Ticket DC

6. Complete the Educated Dude paragraphs and/or 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship if you haven’t already.

7. Make sure you moved the Educated Dude paragraphs to you Z-Middle All folder. Ask for help if you’re not sure.

8. Once you have completed everything above go to NSTeens and play to learn until everyone has finished and we can discuss.


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