Thursday, March 19th

8th Grade – Globaloria:

Interested in the Hoover High Academy of Information Technology?
Here is a flyer with more information: HHS IT Acad Flyer
Link to the online form to apply:

3/19/15 – DO NOW: “Keyboarding”: Using a computer to operate a computer. What other ways can you operate a computer? Provide at least one.

I CAN. . . examine (look at; inspect) designing tools in Flash Pro, and utilize (put to use) them to create (put together) the graphics in my game.

I CAN. . . demonstrate (show; make plain) my understanding of basic tools in Flash Professional and sequence (put in order; put in a series) of code using ActionScript 3.0.

7th Grade:          Repeating students work on Kodu

Copy the Do Now below and paste it into your Do Now Interactive log and then answer the question.
If you forgot how to find your Do Now Interactive Log, Click HERE
3/19/15 – DO NOW: “word processing” is using an application to create and edit documents.Use a complete sentence and tell me which two software we have used in this class so far.


I CAN . . . examine (look at; inspect) Google images & sort (group; classify) the settings in order to find non-copyrighted images.

I CAN formulate (put together; create) a Word document and save it to a folder I created and can identify (name; label).

I CAN examine (look at; inspect) Word tools & utilize (put to use) insert, format, resize, pictures, text boxes, & WordArt to create (put together) a Name tag.

1. Continue working on your Nametag Assignment over the next two days. Example is below:

2015-03-19 09_01_19-ElllieA_nametag - Word

2. After saving to Public Data->Chiaramonte->Class Period Folder. Begin block programming:


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