Wednesday, March 18th

8th Grade – Globaloria:

3/18/15 – DO NOW: “Program”: An application or software that tells a computer what to do.

Use the term “Program” in a sentence. Remember to use complete sentences with proper grammar & punctuation.

I CAN. . . examine (look at; inspect) designing tools in Flash Pro, and utilize (put to use) them to create (put together) the graphics in my game.

I CAN. . . demonstrate (show; make plain) my understanding of basic tools in Flash Professional and sequence (put in order; put in a series) of code using ActionScript 3.0.

7th Grade:          Repeating students work on Kodu

Copy the Do Now below and paste it into your Do Now Interactive log and then answer the question.
If you forgot how to find your Do Now Interactive Log, Click HERE
3/18/15 – DO NOW: A “search engine” is software that uses keywords or phrases to locate information from Web sites.

List at least 3 search engines you know of. Hint: We will use a very well known one today.


I CAN . . . examine (look at; inspect) Google images & sort (group; classify) the settings in order to find non-copyrighted images.

1. Go over searching images and use without copyrighting. Using the proper tools and settings:

Screenshot 2014-10-15 09.46.27

2. Go over where and how to save pictures and name files.

3. Follow this document as a class over the next several days to complete the Nametag Assignment


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