Thursday, March 12th – CS Terms 3

3/12/15 – “cache” pronounced “cash”… is a temporary storage place for quick retrieval of frequently used data.

Speculate as to why it would be helpful to have a cache on your computer?

 7th Grade & 8th Grade

I CAN observe (watch; notice) the BrainPop clip on video games then provide the correct results (give an answer) for the BrainPop quiz & interpret (explain the meaning; make clear) the new CS terms in my own words.

1. Go to your Z-Middle All folder and complete CS Terms 3 Video Gaming. Instructions are on there. Make sure you email me your quiz scores.

2. This is a 100 point 60% grade. Make sure you have good definitions before you take it. Use the terms you just found to complete this quiz. Click Here to take the CS Terms 3 quiz you will only be able to submit it once.

7th Grade: After completing the above, finish game evaluations of Kodu. Pick any games on Kodu.

8th Grade: After completing the above, work on Globaloria 


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