Wednesday, March 4th – Kodu & Globaloria

3/4/15 – Do Now – “URL” is the Universal Resource Locator: Basically it is a Web address. For example: is the whole URL for that Web address.

“Domain name” is the registered name of a Web site. For example:

What is the domain name NOT the URL for

7th Grade:

I CAN . . . Formulate (put together; create) conversation & expression actions for game design in Kodu by putting basic commands in order (sort; organize).

1. Continue working in Kodu by following the directions on this Google doc: Lesson 2 – 4 Creating Games

2. Kodu Veterans from last semester you know to work on your Game Design assignment.

8th Grade – Globaloria:

I CAN examine (look at; inspect) designing tools in Flash Pro, and utilize (put to use) them to create (put together) the graphics in my game.

I CAN demonstrate (show; make plain) my understanding of basic tools in Flash Professional and sequence (put in order; put in a series) of code using ActionScript 3.0.


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