Tuesday, Feb. 24th – Code.org & Globaloria


2/24/15 – DO NOW: “World Wide Web” – All the Web pages stored on web servers connected to the Internet. Write a sentence that describes what the “WWW ” stands for in a URL. www.  <—Describe what this means

7th Grade Below:

I CAN…visualize (imagine) a clear path for a process, then organize (put in order; arrange) block commands in a program on Code.org.

I CANformulate (create) a sequence (put in a series) of commands using the block language to demonstrate (show ; make plain) my ability to order commands & programming a character.

Continue the Intro to Computer Science Course by Code.org! We want to wrap this up today!!

Click on this page to get your access link. The password is on the board.

Those who have completed 1-20 in code.org can begin playing Combat Code!

8th Grade Globaloria:

I CAN demonstrate (show; make plain) my understanding of basic tools in Flash Professional and sequence (put in order; put in a series) code using ActionScript 3.0.


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