Thursday, Feb. 5th – Insertion Sort Algorithm & Flowchart

2/5/15 – Do Now – Answer both questions:

1. What is an Algorithm?

2. What are the two main types of Algorithms? Remember equations, it’s OK to ask someone for help.

7th Grade Below:                                  8th Grade: Globaloria

I CAN…know (recognize) what an Insertion Sort is, understand (appreciate, comprehend) how it works, and demonstrate (show; make plain) my new skills by arranging (listing) the colors in the rainbow in order.

1. Talk about Insertion Sort using the colors of the rainbow and classmates.

2. Learn about different flowchart symbols and what they mean.

A flowchart is a diagram which shows the breakdown of an algorithm into all of the necessary steps and is an alternative to pseudo code.

A flowchart makes use if some standard shapes joined together by lines: 


Find the dragdrop-symbols.swf in your Z-Middle All folder and see if you can put the symbols in the right spots.

3. Work through a flow chart example Insertion Sort Flow Chart with colors of the rainbow

Find the dragdrop.swf in your Z-Middle All folder and see if you can put the flowchart in order.

A more extensive flowchart: Don’t watch this yet!!



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