Thursday, Jan. 22nd – Finish FBI Safe Searching

1/22/15 – DO NOW Interactive log – “Spam” – Unrequested emails sent to a large number of people.

Why would a company or a person want to send out spam?


8th GRADE = Globaloria

7th GRADE = I CAN…examine (look at; inspect) the lessons and information on the FBI Safe Surfing site and complete (finish; end) the exam with a score of 80% or higher.

Finish the FBI Safe Surfing Site take the exam.

1. Click on STUDENTS in the menu bar along the top, then follow the instructions and complete lessons 1-8. DO NOT CLICK ON TAKE THE EXAM until you have completed all the lessons. You will likely be ready tomorrow. You can only take the exam once and it will count toward your grade.

2. I have your KEY CODE that you will need to take the exam, each person has a different key code.

3. When you are done, check to see that you have ALL of your work completed and finish anything that you still have to complete.

4. After EVERYTHING is finished, begin 2-D Character Design. Ask for help and I’ll get you going.


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