Monday, January 12th – Digital Access & 9 Elements

1/12/15 – DO NOW: The definition of “Digital Citizenship” is: To practice appropriate and responsible behavior when using technology.

Provide at least one example of good “Digital Citizenship”. Remember to use complete sentences with proper grammar & punctuation.

————————— Assignment—————————

I CAN observe (watch; notice) the video about digital access and express my thoughts on the exit ticket. Additionally, I can summarize (sum it up; give a short version) each of the 9 elements of Digital Citizenship in a Google Doc.

1. Watch this video from Ted Talks:

2. After Watching the video complete this Exit ticket on Digital Access

3. Complete the 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship. This Google Doc is in your Google Drive -> A Middle Z

7th Period Assignment: Finish your 2-D Game Design in


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