Friday, January 9th

1/9/15 – DO NOW: The “Internet” is a global network of networks linked together in order to share information.

Using a complete sentence provide at least two examples of how you have used the Internet to share information.


I CAN examine (look at; inspect) Word tools & utilize (put to use) insert, format, resize, pictures, text boxes, & WordArt to create a Name tag.

1. Finish your name tag today: Nametag Assignment

2. When you have finished and saved your completed name tag into your 7th Grade CS or 8th Grade CS folder, you need to put a copy in the shared drive.

3. To do that, first copy your file (Right click on it and select copy)

4. To save in Shared Drive …go to Computer -> Public Data Drive-> Chiaramonte -> Class Period then Right click on the folder and select paste.

5. Now open the folder and confirm that yours is in there.

6. Make sure you have completed ALL of the Do Now’s for this week.

When you are done:Begin working on When you sign-up. Click Sign in with G+

7th Period – We are going to Test Drive Globaloria & Adobe Flash Pro! Click Here


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