Thursday, January 8th

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1/8/14 – DO NOW: “word processing” is using an application to create and edit documents.

Use a complete sentence and tell me which two software we have used in this class so far.


I CAN formulate (put together; create) a Word document and save it to a folder I created and can identify (name; label).

I CAN examine (look at; inspect) Word tools & utilize (put to use) insert, format, resize, pictures, text boxes, & WordArt to create (put together) a Name tag.

1. Continue working on your Name Tag.

2. Follow this document as a class over the next several days to complete the Nametag Assignment.

3. Remember to search for pictures using the labeled for reuse tool.

Screenshot 2014-10-15 09.46.27

4. After saving to Public Data->Chiaramonte->Class Period Folder. Begin block programming:


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